Restroom & Kitchen Sanitization

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Restroom and Kitchen Sanitizing

Does your staff do the cleaning or do you have a janitor you are happy with? No problem, our Restroom and Kitchen specific sanitization services are the perfect compliment to help improve the fixed asset life of your facilities, public image, employee morale, and employee health. Utilizing a Kaivac machine our trained technicians follow a proven procedural method which drastically outperforms the results achieved by traditional cleaning methods. Eliminating and removing from all surfaces the bacteria that causes malodors, employee illness, and the darkening of grout lines.

Commercial Cleaning Port Coquitlam
Commercial Cleaning Port Coquitlam

Our Process:

  • Apply cleaning solution to all surfaces including floors, tile walls, fixtures, partitions
  • Scrub floors, grout lines, mop lines at base of walls with a deck brush
  • Pressure Rinse all surfaces knocking bacteria and dirt to the ground
  • Vacuum away all liquids and contaminants
  • Clean all mirrors, fixtures, and partitions using a microfiber towel

Located in Greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland?

Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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