Commercial Mat Service

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Overtime purchased mats become full of dirt and vacuuming only removes 10%(Georgia State University), this causes the purchased entrance mats to start acting more like an ink pad rather than actually trapping in dirt. As someone steps on the mat their shoes pick up dirt and then track it through your facility.

If your goal is a clean facility with minimum time spent spot cleaning dirt and water that gets tracked in, then a mat service is the only way to go.

With our service, a Pinnacle Hygiene service representative will come in on a weekly, or every other week basis to deliver high quality, clean carpeted mats. We swap out and take away the dirty mats to be laundered.

Pinnacle Hygiene’s high quality mat service helps reduce the risk of slip, trip, and falls accidents and actually traps and holds in the vast majority of the dirt and water that would have otherwise been tracked into your facility.

Commercial Cleaning Port Coquitlam

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Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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Commercial Mat Service Port Coquitlam
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